The Barn

Welcome to The Barn Cafe
at Turville Heath

Our opening times are:


Thursday to Saturday
10am to 3pm

Sunday 10am to 2.45pm

Bank Holidays 11am to 2pm
Reservations Are Required At All Times
(even for just a drink!)

When we opened in April 2015, we were the laughing stock of the area. Restaurants and pubs were falling by the wayside claiming that locals didn't use them and recreational visitors didn't spend enough money to be worth catering for. After a few months of opening it quickly became apparent that the demand for quick affordable lunches and refreshment was exactly what people were looking for. By 2019 the demand at peak times started to outstrip what we could deliver. At times our small family team with casual helpers were left shell shocked as they tried to serve hundreds of people per day. Customers faced long queues. Something had to change.

Covid 19 hit and during lockdown we realised we were going to be one of the first to reopen and the demand was going to be overwhelming so a booking system was employed to control numbers and satisfy the track and trace requirements. Below are the reasons for keeping the booking system in place post the covid era.

  1. To prevent the location getting overloaded at peak times. Turville Heath is in the middle of an AONB and a conservation area. Whilst the whole idea is to promote sustainable countryside access, there has to be a balance of visitor numbers v local disturbance.

  2. To ensure groups riding and walking can be served promptly and be sat at a table. There is no alternative to the barn once you have committed to come here. You can't just walk down the street to the next cafe!

  3. Staff management. The lack of staff in the hospitality sector is now becoming the limit to growth. We are further hampered by being in the middle of nowhere. We can tailor our customer numbers to the amount of customers. This is a weird reversal of business plans which many struggle to accept. If we can only field a team of 3 during the week, we only allow bookings for which 3 staff can comfortably cope with. If the weather is bad or bookings slim, we can deploy staff to food prep or some other duty, rather than have them stood waiting for potential customers.

  4. Ability to contact customers. Over the years we have had to contact customers to let them know of various issues such as blocked roads, power cuts and extreme weather which has forced us to close. The booking system gives us the chance of letting the customers know before venturing out.

  5. Customers can easily give us the heads up on any special requirements such as disabled parking, dietary requirements, birthdays etc.

  6. Functions. We regularly host special functions for larger groups. The booking system allows us to manage the regular customers whilst allowing for larger groups.

  7. Filming. The farm buildings have been used for numerous film locations over the decades, The film companies usually prefer us to close for privacy.

  8. A more personal service. The booking system has taken us back to the early days when we could have a moment to chat to customers who wish to.

  9. Promotions beyond our control.

Look forward to seeing you soon

Open for outside dining with covered areas


Inside seating available in our 14th century barn

Please note there is no takeaway option

this is to allow a steady flow of customers for seating and ordering

Please use the booking links on the Reservations page to make your booking.

If you experience any issues please call us direct on

01491 638213

No need to preorder just get a slot so that we can regulate numbers


We have limited parking purely for people with mobility or other special needs. Blue badge not essential.

We also have a fully accessible toilet for wheelchair users.

The whole site is flat and accessible.

If you have any special requirements for special needs please do not hesitate to ask.

Please email with details and requirements

We are a dog friendly cafe.
Water bowls and doggie sausages available.
We love to see well behaved dogs at the barn. However, anti social dogs can ruin other visitors experience. Please keep them under control, quiet and pick up any accidents.
(Bin provided for poo bags near the front gate).

Horse hitches are available on the common but are limited.

Please mention on your booking if you are arriving on horse back
due to limited number of hitches.

For safety reasons horses are not permitted in the courtyard

Cyclists welcome

We appreciate rides don't always go to plan so we can be flexible up to 15 minutes either side of your booking time

Please note if you arrive without a booking you may be turned away if we are up to capacity for the day..... sorry!