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We are now closed until 5th December. There is no takeaway facility.

Pre booking is ESSENTIAL as we now have to provide allocated tables for every customer. We also have to account for the fact that we have no idea of how many staff will be available on any particular day due to isolating.


There is no takeaway service.

All tables outside are now covered. There is no indoor seating. The old barn is open to the elements.

Table heaters are available on some tables.

If you are running late please call or email us. If you need to cancel please do so at the soonest opportunity.

Now fully licenced serving local beer, cider and sparkling wine.

Our new telephone number is 01491638213. Checked every day when closed. Please call or email to get assistance with any issue regarding booking.

Booking slots for the Christmas period are gong like hot mince pies. Book Early folks.


We are open for 315 minutes a day. We can cope with a customer every two minutes on average. This is a fraction of pre covid days and is to avoid queues or crowds. If you struggle to make your time slot as most do, dont panic. If more than half an hour call us.

The booking system is to control flows of people and avoid queues. You are very welcome for just a coffee, but we have to take details, for track and trace, of everyone who steps onto the premises. The booking system does this for us and speeds up the process on the day.

We have now limited our booking size to 6 customers in any group as per government mandate. If your family group is larger than six just drop us an email and we can book it manually.

All tables are now outside or in the old Barn which has improved ventilation and all tables are at least 2m apart. All outside tables are covered to offer shade or rain protection. All tables are sterilised after each use.

Please make sure dogs are on a lead at all times.

We apologise if you are not able to get a slot on the busiest days. We have opened for the two weekdays to cater for those who prefer it in quieter times.

This is not where we expected to be, but we are getting very positive feedback that in some ways its better than the pre-covid days. Bear with us as we sail headlong into the next wave of uncertainty.


We now have limited parking purely for people who need it. Blue badge not essential.

We also have a fully accessible toilet for wheelchair users.

The whole site is flat and accessible.

If you have any special requirements for special needs please do not hesitate to ask.

Please contact Olly on

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We are located at RG9 6JY

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